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We specialize in providing books to pharmaceutical companies and medical institutions. By concentrating in this area of book sales, we are able to offer superior service on the books that you will be ordering most.

Our Mission at Worldwide Book Services, Inc. is to provide superior service to our clients. We Believe the key to our success is diligent communication with our customers.

We go the extra mile

We understand the urgency with which you may need the books you ordered. To better serve our customers, we have developed a network of “Competitive Partners”. In the rare case when neither Worldwide Book Services nor the publisher have the book you request in stock, we take the extra step of shopping the competition.

We at Worldwide Book Services strive to exhaust all possibilities before we tell you we cannot meet your deadline.

At Worldwide Book Services, if we say it will be done, you can rest assured: it will be done.

Our services

• We accept orders in any format, by phone, fax, email or through the postal service
• We will answer your request for price quotes on the same day, whenever possible
• We will fax to you an order confirmation within 24 hours with the expected delivery date
• We will follow up with each publisher on all of your orders prior to the promised delivery date.
• If we are advised of any additional delay, we will contact you at once.
• We accept payment by credit card or we can offer 30 day terms if you choose
• We will make every effort to be flexible enough to honor any special requests that you may have